Pro Athlete Bobbi Gale Bensman on Wobenzym
Bobbi Gale Bensman on Wobenzym

Bobbi Gale Bensman, nationally ranked among the top three rock climbers from 1987 to 1995 and a winner of more than 20 national competitions, knows all about sports injuries and soreness. Here is what she had to say about Wobenzym:

"Being a competitive and intense athlete, I think that enzymes, especially Wobenzym N, are essential to take daily. Enzymes are remarkable for enhancing my energy levels and healing from injuries. When I am run down or have sprains, tendon or joint problems, I'll increase my dosage and come back even quicker. I just took a trip to Australia in April and May. I was hiking down a really steep hill and twisted my ankle. I had run out of my Wobenzym N and the injury lasted for a month. When I arrived home, the first thing I did was to start taking five tablets on an empty stomach two to three times a day. Once I was using Wobenzym N, the swelling and soreness disappeared within a few days. Let me tell you from my own personal experience: enzymes work better than ibuprofen and without side effects, which is important to a competitive athlete like me. But there are a lot of other reasons I take Wobenzym N daily. The formula is great for digestion and enhancing my resistance to colds and the flu. Wobenzym N is just a great product all around for making your body work better."