Doctors Discuss Wobenzym

"Studies that support Wobenzym N are solid. They have been published in a wide range of peer-reviewed journals. The bottom line is that enzyme therapy is safe and as effective as the use of NSAIDs but without the long-term side effects. If you desire the very best therapy for sports injuries, Wobenzym N is essential. I personally think enzyme mixtures, particularly Wobenzym N, are an extremely important part of sports medicine and recommend them to all of my patients who are suffering inflammatory disorders."
Raul Ahumada, M.D.

"Having thoroughly researched enzymes, including publishing my doctoral dissertation on enzymes, I highly recommend their use for all types of traumas, including sports injuries. Enzymes enable sports doctors to safely and effectively stimulate the healing process in their patients while relieving soreness and inflammation."
Albert Lind, M.D.

"Enzymes play an important role in healing sports injuries by mediating the inflammatory process, enhancing and hastening the removal of fibrin and other clotting factors."
Rudolf Kunze, Ph.D.

"Some feel that enzyme mixtures are superior [to many medically prescribed drugs] because of their comparable efficacy, but minimal side effects."
Tony Cichoke, D.C.